About us
Datawell is a company which develops oceanographical measuring instruments.
Datawell products have proven to excellently withstand the harsh marine environment.

Datawell measuring instruments are utilized all around the globe. Click on Global for a list of Directional Waverider users.

Our representatives are the connection to Datawell in your country.

Datawell is a private company that develops and produces oceanographical measuring instruments. Our best known product is the Waverider which we offer in a sensor-based or GPS-based version. Apart from wave height, wave direction and sea surface temperature, our buoys can also measure, air temperature, surface current speed and direction. Sensors for other climatological parameters, such as wind speed/direction, are under development.
Datawell products have proven to excellently withstand the harsh marine environment. The low-power sensors and electronics enable long time continuous operation. The Datawell design stands for reliable products with long life expectation.
Datawell products serve customers all around the world. Harbour authorities, dredging companies, oil companies, surveying companies, universities and other scientific research institutes opt for Datawell quality. 


Datawell has introduced a new meteorological parameter on the Waverider.

The newly developed Compact Air Temperature (CAT4) option integrates the HF antenna, flashlight and an air temperature sensor.
The air temperature sensor applies a novel concept, which corrects the measured temperature for (solar) radiation and detects
adverse effects like evaporation.

The CAT4 antenna measures the air temperature at approximately two meters above the sea surface, complementing the wave measurements.

More information on the CAT4 option can be obtained through our sales department (sales@datawell.nl) and on the
product page of the CAT4