Job Opportunities

When in 1953 The Netherlands was faced with a great flood in the south west, the government saw an increased need in raising the dykes that protect the country from the ever present water. The required height of a dyke is not only determined by the maximal water level, but also by the height of the waves threatening to wash over the dikes. 2 Engineers working at a research institute recognized the need of wave measuring equipment and saw this as an opportunity to start up a private company. As a result, Datawell was founded in 1961. At the launch of the first wave measuring buoy it quite soon became apparent that the need for measuring waves was not only restricted to the Dutch government. There was a world-wide need for such instrumentation.


Since its foundation, Datawell has grown substantially to a company with over 50 employees. As the company grows, we still have not lost sight of why we became the leading company in this industry with the Waverider being the gold standard to which other companies compare their own instrumentation. Datawell is driven by quality.


Starting with a buoy that only measured wave height transmitted to shore by HF, we have now developed a range of wave measuring equipment that measure wave height, wave direction, current speed and direction transmitted to shore by means of several different communication options. Our aims for the future are to incorporate even more specifications on our buoys like measuring air temperature, wind and tides.


The development of new options for our buoys to accommodate customers’ needs, require ever more employees in all parts of our organisation. Should you be interested in working for a world leading company in its field, we are very interested in receiving your resume. Our R&D department and administration is based in the inner city of Haarlem. Our service and sales department are based in the production facility in Heerhugowaard.



The only spoken language in both locations is Dutch, which is why we require sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language from all applicants.  


Resumes can be sent to Datawell BV, Zomerluststraat 4, 2012 LM Haarlem or via email to For questions regarding job opportunities, please contact Helen Schootman 023-5314159.