The new data acquisition and processing software – Waves4 – is available now.
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For Windows:


for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Waves4 is available for download at our download page


W@ves21 software

The data acquisition and processing software – w@ves21 – is available now. New features are:

  • intuitive look and feel, making it easy to use;
  • new file formats available for reading the new data logger and Argos data;
  • adding a location ID to the file names;
  • right-click a chart to save, print or copy to clipboard;
  • acquisition progress indication;
  • automatic restart in last mode.



    SeaSaw21 software
    Datawell has developed a new client module for its data acquisition software. For certain applications, e.g. port monitoring or dredging activities, the present client software, W@ves21, is considered too elaborate and too scientific, while at the same time lacking the possibility to indicate threshold crossings.
    The new software, SeaSaw21 by name, has big windows for a limited number of parameters, in traffic light colours to indicate favourable or unfavourable values. A graph enables trend watching, and the GPS positions are plotted to keep track of the buoy.



    Windows software for the separation of Sea and Swell. The program converts each spectrum file into a record in a (monthly) report, containing the spectral parameters (Hm0, Tz, etc.) for both sea and swell, based on a single separation wave period.


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